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SEALs Honor Their Past

CORONADO, CA Past and present SEAL Team 1 (ST-1) members gathered at Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado April 15 to witness the unveiling of the new command quarterdeck, a museum-like environment that honors the team’s achievements during the Vietnam War.

More than 50 former Vietnam War era ST-1 members gathered with their families for a quarterdeck re-dedication ceremony that is to serve as a tribute to their sacrifice and patriotism.

“Welcome SEAL Team 1 veterans and a good handful of plank owners. I am glad you are here today passing on the history to the men,” said Lt. Cmdr Brian Babin ST-1 executive officer. “The name Navy SEAL strikes throughout the hearts of many Americans because of what you guys accomplished in Vietnam.

“Our vision for the new quarterdeck is to capture as much Vietnam history as possible,” added Babin. “We hope to have all of you back to celebrate our 50-year anniversary next year.”

Before and after the ceremony, ST-1 veterans were joined by family and friends as they toured the quarterdeck, reminiscing, looking at the Vietnam War memorabilia and enjoying photographs from their past.

“It’s pretty exciting to see a lot of the old guys, the old photos and all of the changes that have gone on throughout the years,” said Gary Fraser, a ST-1 plank owner.

After the ceremony, the guests of honor were invited to a ST-1 hosted barbeque where they shared stories with current SEALs and reminisced about past experiences with their fellow former SEALs


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