SOF Medic Rescues Girl Shot in Head

FARAH, Afghanistan – U.S. Special Operations Forces provided medical treatment to an injured young girl who was shot in the head by insurgent forces in the village of Diware Surkh on April 14.

Insurgents attacked with small arms fire while Afghan National Army and USSOF forces were working to establish a new ANA checkpoint in Diware Surk, an area which has a sizeable insurgent population and has seen limited coalition force presence.

“It’s a very dangerous area which is why the ANA was setting up a checkpoint there,” the Special Forces team sergeant said. “Very few Americans have been in the area but the local nationals felt comfortable enough to bring us to her for medical treatment.”

The team leader credits his combat medic for his efforts to save the young girl who the team believes is no older than 10 years old.

“We were moving through the village when we began taking fire,” the Special Operations combat medic said. “We walked right into the girl’s father who signaled for us to follow him. He led us to his compound where his daughter was and we got to work [providing medical aid].”

Despite having a gunshot wound to the head the girl remained alert, the medic said.

“She had an open skull fracture – I could see her brain,” the medic said. “I did my best to keep her and her parents calm as I treated her.”

The child was flown to a nearby coalition force medical facility for further treatment.

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