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NSW Sailors Eligible to Receive IA Credit for Missions

CORONADO, CA – Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Command announced May 11 that its Sailors are now eligible to earn credit for individual augmentee (IA) deployments completed in support of NSW missions.

This credit is similar to the credit non-NSW Sailors earn when completing IA assignments and will be reflected in personnel service records.

Any NSW Sailors that deploy, or have ever deployed on an IA assignment in support of NSW forces will receive a Navy enlisted classification code (NEC) or additional qualification designation (AQD). Typically, an IA NEC/AQD is authorized based the nature of the deployment and a minimum length of six months.

“NSW IAs are not filling Navy IA mission requirements,” said Charmaine Savage, NSW’s military personnel officer. “Our Sailors are traditionally filling U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) mission requirements.”

NSW Sailors did not previously receive NEC/AQD codes because administratively, these deployments were not classified with a Navy Noble Eagle code.

According to the Navy’s IA website, a Navy Noble Eagle number is a special code the Navy uses to track a Sailor filling an IA billet. At the end of an IA deployment, a Sailor’s personnel record is updated to reflect an NEC/AQD code, meaning they’ve completed an IA duty tour.

Savage said that USSOCOM’s mission requirements are often outside of the Navy’s detailing visibility. As a result, NSW Sailors were not being credited for IA assignments by their detailers and were often vulnerable to taskings to fill Navy IA assignments after leaving the NSW community.

“NSW Sailors shouldn’t be treated any differently than any Sailor in the fleet just because they’re stationed at NSW,” she said. “This is the right thing to do for our Sailors and we’re pleased to see this change in policy.”

For further details, NSW Sailors should contact their local administration departments.

According to the Navy Office of Information, more than 70,000 Sailors have served as IAs in more than 16 nations across the globe since 2002.


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