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Fuerzas Comando: Integrated Assault

ILOPANGO, El Salvador – The competitors in the Fuerzas Comando competition faced an “Integrated Assault” challenge June 21, completing the last event of this year’s competition.

Nineteen six-man teams consisting of two snipers and four assaulters competed in the event. The sniper team shot two watermelons at a 175 meter distance to begin the exercise. Then the assault team proceeded to move toward the shoot house to clear 12 targets identified as threats.

The team had to breach the house’s main entrance with a large mallet.

Once in the shoot house, the teams had to eliminate all the threats located inside and rescue a hostage dummy. Each team had to carry their hostage back to the finish line to successfully complete the event

The Fuerzas Comando competition will conclude June 23 with an awards ceremony.


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