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Sniper Night Qual Ends at Fuerzas Comando 2011

ILOPANGO, EL SALVADOR With only a flare to brighten the dark sky, snipers at this year’s Fuerzas Comando competition participated in the sniper night shooting event June 17-18.

Fuerzas Comando, established in 2004, is a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored special operations skills competition and senior-leader seminar which is conducted annually in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

The event forced two-man sniper teams to prove their ability by engaging five targets from varying distances of 200 to 500 meters.

After all 19 teams completed the event, the Columbian competitors were the only team able to find and shoot all five targets with the limited visibility.

Today, the events will include the first day of the stress event, the sniper angle and unknown distance shooting event, the sniper federal shooting event and the aquatic event.

The week-long competition will conclude on June 23 with a ceremony where this year’s winning team will be announced.


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