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Afghan Aviation Supports Independent Commando Op

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Members of 1st Commando Kandak conducted clearing operations with support from Afghan aviation in Qal’eh Jala Village, Bagram district, Oct. 28.

The clearing operation was conducted to inhibit the insurgents’ freedom of movement and disrupt their influence over the local population.

In addition to being an independent commando operation, the commandos were supported by Afghan aviation assets for the first time. The operation consisted of ground and helicopter assault forces while searching for an insurgent leader.

The commandos searched two areas of interest and discovered six shotguns and a kilo of hashish.

“The operation went extremely well in terms of [command and control] and execution,” said a coalition special operations forces team leader. “The commandos have illustrated their ability to consistently conduct independent operations. Today, 1st Commando [Kandak] took one step further with independent operations by incorporating Afghan aviation into their plan.”


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