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Afghan Special Forces Discover IED Facility

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army special forces, partnered with coalition special operations forces, located and captured an enemy improvised explosive device facility in Malozai village, Sangin district, Nov. 20.

ANASF and SOF received a tip about the facility’s location from the Afghan Local Police while conducting a security patrol in the area.
As they entered the facility, they discovered one completed IED and a carbon rod pressure plate with 10 pounds of ammonium nitrate.

Upon further inspection of the facility, ANASF and SOF explosive ordinance disposal discovered and assessed that the facility was rigged to detonate with multiple anti-tampering hazards throughout. Once the threat was assessed, the ANASF cleared the surrounding compounds of all villagers and the security element continued to push further out and into the surrounding areas.

The facility contained 63 pressure plates, more than 100 battery packs, 30 pounds of ammonium nitrate and one 60 mm mortar shell. In addition, they discovered Russian munitions, three 30 mm grenades, one bag of aluminum powder and AK-47 assault rifle ammunition.

ANASF and SOF team members safely secured and detonated the ammunition in place and transported the rest, which couldn’t be detonated due to the risk of causing nearby damage, to a local Afghan compound.

No injuries or property damage occurred during the controlled detonation.


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