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SpotterRF's Portable Surveillance System

WASHINGTON, DC – SpotterRF recently unveiled it’s new portable surveillance system dubbed the “M80.” Weighing in at only 3 pounds, the radar system has reportedly been proven to accurately track moving personnel by range, azimuth, velocity, and location out past a distance of 500 meters within a coverage area of nearly 40 acres.

The company has promoted their system as being deployable in a firebase, a perimeter, and even mounted on a vehicles. According to the press release, “The M80 is specifically designed to be employed by the individual warfighter to increase their situational awareness while in hostile territory when it is difficult to know what is taking place around them.”

The current military radar systems are rather large and expensive to deploy outside of the forward operating bases, making their system a logical option for forces out in the field.

SpotterRF claims the M80 is easy to deploy and can be setup within 30 minutes. To aid in carrying less, the compact radar has a very low power consumption of 9W, and can run on a single BA 2590 battery for 17 hours.

Not only is the M80 system lightweight and able to be mounted to a vehicle, it is small enough to fit in an assault pack. Perhaps this technology will evolve to assist a fire team in picking up rear security while on the move.

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