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SOFIC to Highlight SOF Capabilities

TAMPA, FL – The 2012 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) and Exposition will be held from May 22-24 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Fla.

This conference will provide a forum for national and international military, government, and industry stakeholders to collaborate, network, and discuss current and future challenges and how to best build key global partnerships that support special operations.

A central focus of the conference is U.S. Special Operations Command’s perspectives on its ever expanding global role in winning the current fight against global terrorist networks with a special emphasis on the indispensable role that our industry partners provide to the Special Operations Forces, USSOCOM officials said.

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command will have a booth highlighting its units and their capabilities. The booth will be located on the mezzanine level (Booth 37). A representative from each unit will there to answer questions and discuss their career fields.

Panel discussions will provide information on existing and future capabilities to enhance and enable the global SOF mission.

General and Breakout Sessions

USSOCOM Acquisition Executive, James Cluck, will provide his perspectives on SOF’s current challenges, trends, and interests in support of SOF’s global missions with a vision toward forging global SOF networks. Key to this vision is how to build better relationships between industry and SOF across the global defense industry enterprise, USSOCOM officials said.

General sessions with the USSOCOM Component and Theater Commanders will consist of panel discussions that will provide attendees with enhanced knowledge, understanding, and awareness of key acquisition, requirements, operations, and technology issues in the context of SOF’s current component and theater missions.

Breakout sessions by USSOCOM acquisition Program Executive Officers, Program Managers, and Science and Technology Managers will explore target issues in current and future acquisition programs. The breakout sessions will identify USSOCOM’s top priorities, technology game changers, key enablers, business opportunities, and interests as they relate to current, planned, and future acquisition programs.

In addition to the general and breakout sessions, business opportunities sessions will be conducted with USSOCOM’s Office of Small Business Programs, Technology & Industry Liaison Office, and other acquisition experts, addressing requirements and opportunities for our industry partners supporting SOF. Attendees will be provided an opportunity to establish key partnerships, gain insight, and hear first hand from acquisition leaders about current USSOCOM and DoD changes and priorities.

A key objective will be to provide an open forum for attendees to interact and participate in discussions about USSOCOM’s acquisition programs and technology and capability interests. USSOCOM participants will be available for challenging questions from the audience.


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