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ANSF, Coalition SOF Kill 23 Insurgents

DAY KUNDI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Combined forces killed 23 insurgents during a clearing operation in Nawa Garay and Mushtarak villages, Kajran district, April 3-4.

Members from the Afghan National Army special forces, 8th Commando Kandak, Afghan Uniformed Police and coalition SOF made up the combined force in close coordination with Afghan Local Police.

“From the very beginning of the operation, insurgents fired on the combined elements,” said a coalition SOF member. “Afghan National Security Forces elements successfully laid down fire while air assets dropped ordnance. Reports indicated 23 insurgents were killed and several more wounded during the air drops and firefight.”

The combined element also discovered and destroyed three weapons and improvised explosive device caches.

“The most significant cache discovered consisted of more than 450 pounds of homemade explosives, IED components and a stolen Afghan National Police truck at the home of an insurgent commander,” said a coalition SOF member. “Destroying the explosives and the truck saved lives; insurgents could have easily loaded it with the explosives and driven it to a population center unnoticed.”

The combined operation not only disrupted insurgent operations; it allowed coalition SOF and ANSF to establish two ALP checkpoints and set conditions to permanently bring security to the area.

“This mission demonstrated the success of the coalition SOF and ANSF partnership,” said Cmdr. Mike Hayes, Special Operations Task Force South East commander. “ANSF was out in front to lead the fight against the insurgents and showed the people of Afghanistan that security will be a reality in their future.”


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