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M122A1 Tripod

The M192 is an improved-capability ground mount that replaces the M122A1 Tripod. The M192 is a compact and collapsible ground mount that reduces the Soldier’s combat load and improves Soldier mobility. At 11.5 pounds, the M192 features a lower profile and weighs approximately six pounds less than the M122A1 Tripod it replaced. The mount provides an integral traversing and elevation (T&E) mechanism that allows for quicker, more accurate target engagement and allows for onehanded operation. This T&E mechanism eliminates the user’s need for adaptors for separate machine gun pintles and T&E devices. Other features include a traverse limit stop, a built-in spent case deflector, and the ability to fold up into the spare barrel bag. The mount is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials.

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