Afghan Special Operations


The Afghan National Army (ANA) established the ANA Special Operations Command (ANASOC) in 2011 to control the ANA Commando Brigade and the ANA Special Forces. It is headquartered at Camp Moorehead in Wardak Province, located six miles south of Kabul. The training center is named after 5th Special Forces Group soldier MSG Kevin Morehead, who was killed in Iraq in 2003.

In July 2012, the Special Operations Command was officially established as a division-sized special operations force formation, including a command and staff. The command, with the status of a division, now boasts between 10,000 and 11,000 soldiers.  Previously this was organised as one Brigade with 8 battalions all with a minimum of 6 kandalks. Due to the standard size of a brigade in the ANA, the ANASOC is likely to be split into 3-4 brigades, one of which will be a Special Forces Brigade.

ANASOC’s Special Mission Wing wwas inaugurated on 21 July 2012 at a ceremony in Kabul.


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