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CAPEX 2012 Showcases Special Operations

FORT BRAGG, NC Past and present service members, along with local and regional community leaders, gained private access into the realm of U.S. Army Special Operations Command (Airborne) to experience what makes these quiet professionals such a lethal force.

The 2012 USASOC Capabilities Exercise gave the leaders from command located on Ft. Bragg, N.C., the opportunity to host a five-day event to demonstrate some of the capabilities of Army Special Operational Forces. This capability exercise, which began on April 20, included an array of interactive scenarios, tactical techniques and weapons that showed guests what SOF Soldiers face on a regular basis when fighting for freedom abroad.

“The overall mission of this exercise is to educate our guest on the capabilities of Army Special Operations Forces by displaying certain real world scenarios that coincide with SOF integrated operations,” said Lt. Col. John T. Bryant, USASOC (A) Public Affairs Officer. “Our guest personally experienced the strength and readiness of our forces and will gain a better understanding of what it is that we, as SOF Soldiers, do.”

The event began with the visitors simulated being captured to put into perspective how it feels not to be able to control what happened in your day to day actions. Following this demonstration, the USASOC parachute demonstration team, the Black Daggers, performed a high altitude, low opening parachute demonstration.

“This was a quite impressive event! It was a definite eye opener to what our Special Operation Soldiers can do,” said Alan Silberstein, President of Allston Associates, LLC. “Words cannot express the level of proficiency that these Soldiers displayed. It all was just amazing.”

During the exercise, visitors also had hands on training on various weapons systems that are used throughout the ARSOF community.

“The sniper weapons are amazing. I have never shot anything that powerful before and it blows my mind that these Soldiers can use them with such precision,” said Pauline Kusiak, IW Director. “I am just so humbled by the fact that these Soldiers are protecting the freedoms of our Nation.”

At the end of the day, this capability exercise shows the extremes that a SOF Soldier may endure as well as what may need to be done to ensure ones freedom.

“All of these Soldiers are true professionals and American heroes. In my opinion, the very best out there,” said Allen Barnhill, Jr., Vice President of Barnhill Contracting Company. “We are truly blessed to have Soldiers of their caliber fighting on our side.”


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