Exercise Eager Lion 12

JABAL PETRA, Jordan – The 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, Maritime Raid Force, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, participated in combined training with the 77th Jordanian Reconnaissance Battalion, May 12, during Exercise Eager Lion 12.

Eager Lion 12 is an annual irregular warfare-themed exercise focusing on missions that coalition partners might perform during operational deployments in support of global contingency operations.

“They seemed well trained and eager to learn,” said Staff Sgt. Zachary Burgart, a reconnaissance Marine.

Burgart is no stranger to combined operations, he said. He has trained with military partners in countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and Australia.

“Being here is another opportunity to build capabilities, improve competitiveness and increase mission-tasking possibilities,” he added.

The training consists of sharing ideas and mission objectives to combine resources and strengths for future operations.

Staff Sgt. A. J. Pasciuti, a Force Recon team leader from San Jose, Calif., has been a sniper for seven years and a reconnaissance Marine for four years. He has served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The San Jose, Calif. native led Marines and Jordanian snipers on training behind their .50-caliber sniper rifles to share techniques and capabilities that could improve their skills.

They plan to continue this training throughout the exercise with more marksmanship, fast-roping and other combat tactics.

This type of military-to-military engagement serves as an opportunity to strengthen tactical proficiency in critical mission areas and support long-term relationships.

The sniper training concluded with the Marine and Jordanian service members gathered around a makeshift table of rifle cases where they shared stories, laughter, culture and local hummus.

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