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Sniper Night Sight

The AN/PVS-30 Sniper Night Sight (SNS) is a lightweight, in-line weapon-mounted sight used in conjunction with the day optic sight on the M110 SASS and the XM2010 ESR. It employs a variable gain image tube that can be adjusted by the sniper depending on ambient light levels. When used in conjunction with the M110 and XM2010 day optical sight, it provides for personnel-sized target recognition at quarter moon illumination in clear air to a range of 600 meters. The SNS has an integrated rail adapter that interfaces directly to the MIL-STD-1913 rail for quick and easy mounting to or dismounting from the weapon.

The SNS allows a sniper to maintain the current level of accuracy with the M110 and to deliver precise fire within 1 minute of angle. Use of the SNS does not affect the zero of the day optical sight and allows the M110 and the XM2010 to maintain bore sight throughout the focus range of the SNS and the M110 and XM2010 day optical sight.

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