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ANA Special Operations Command Stands Up Division

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan National Army Special Operation Command (ANASOC) hosted an official stand-up ceremony at Camp Commando, Kabul, Afghanistan July 16.

With the growth of the Commandos and Special Forces within the ANA, and with the addition of a special aviation and elite mobile strike force units, ANASOC grew from a brigade-sized element to the first division-sized special operations force unit in Afghan military history.

“Now that we have the ANASOC division, we will work together to scare the enemy so that the enemy will run away from us,” said Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim, ANASOC commander.

The newly-formed division provides Afghan and Coalition forces with a distinctive unit that serves both as a command and staff for a unique, enduring and elite military organization.

“The best way to beat the enemy, defeat the enemy is to play with him the way that he plays,” said Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi, Afghan National Army chief of staff, through an interpreter. “You need small units, teams, to go after him where he hides.”

After 10 years of Coalition forces partnering and mentoring ANASOC soldiers, there are now approximately 10,000 ANA soldiers serving within the division.

“Now that we have entered the third transition phase, where Coalition forces are handing over control to the Afghans, we will not let the enemy come to our areas,” said Karimi. “You [ANASOC forces] are the most elite and you have the training to defeat the enemy in the direst conditions. This is the reason that we have this division covering the whole country, there will be no time and opportunity given to the enemy to move freely.”

The mission of ANASOC is to organize, man, train, lead, and equip ANA special operations forces and to provide responsive and decisive action in support of Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan security objectives.

The ceremony concluded with Karimi hosting the first commanders conference since the stand-up of the division.


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