DLA Supports SOTF-S

KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Defense Logistics Agency disposition services provided valuable resources permitting Special Operations Task Force-South to conduct refresher training for assigned medical personnel, May 2012

The DLA provided vehicles to the personnel to practice emergency procedures with materials similar to those they may see during an actual emergency.

The efforts supported 14 SOTF-S medical personnel with extrication refresher training essential to support their mission in their area of responsibility.

In order to accomplish this training, the personnel needed vehicles to practice their cutting skills for preparation of a vehicle accident. This was to make the training more realistic when recreating a situation when the extrication process would be required.

The process of extrication consists of multiple steps. Some of the steps are securing the vehicle, protection of the accident scene, initial medical assessment, opening of the vehicle and the deformations of the structure, removal of a section of a vehicle if necessary, successful removal of the people involved by extrication, patient triage, and medical evacuation for further care.

The DLA disposition services operations ensured the proper destruction of the property before it was released to the scrap contractor.

Fourteen members were able to practice techniques and skills needed for this process, including the cutting portion. The team arrived on site with all their pertinent gear and regular paramedic cutting tools including the Jaws of Life.

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