USASOC Recruiting Truck

FORT BRAGG, NC – The U.S. Army Special Operations Command and the U.S. Army Accessions Support Brigade joined together for the unveiling and dedication of the newly refurbished Special Operations traveling display in a ribbon-cutting ceremony Aug. 28 at the Fort Bragg South Post Exchange parking lot.

Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland, USASOC commanding general, presided over for the ceremony. In attendance were Mr. Mark Davis, Director of Army Marketing and Research Group, and other military leaders throughout USASOC and Fort Bragg.

“This vehicle is a result of a great partnership, between USASOC and the U.S. Army Accessions Support Brigade,” Cleveland said. “The van attempts to showcase the pride and passion that is Army Special Operations.”

Over a period of several months, USASOC staff provided design support, photographs, graphics and video support to the upgrade. The traveling display is one of the Support Brigade’s rolling display assets designed to attract civilian members to enlist directly for Army Special Operations Forces.

The truck features six different elements for visitors to hear, see and experience Army Special Operations which includes: a parachute simulator, a ground mobility vehicle, an immersa dome, a career navigator, gear displays, and a Medal of Honor kiosk.

“Selecting the right individual is essential. We need individuals with a certain drive and passion,” Cleveland explained. “As part of our overall recruiting effort, hopefully this new trailer and capability will help us find those individuals.”

Cleveland went on to thank the USASOC and USAASB staffs for their hard work on getting the truck prepared and ready for display. He also spoke on how the truck will be looked upon to improve Army SOF recruiting efforts.

“These are challenging times for our Army and our Nation’s Special Operations. It’s critical we assess the right individuals in to our regiments,” he said. “Our hedge, against this uncertain future is the brave young men and women who chose Special Operations as their calling.”

Cleveland concluded, “To those who think themselves worthy of such responsibility, we welcome you to come forward.”


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