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Romanian SOF Transfer Authority in Afghanistan

LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Romanian and other coalition SOF are partnered with Afghan Special Police Units (SPUs) in order to build and enhance sustainable and transferrable capabilities.

They continue to build on an ever-growing foundation of the civil order security and high-risk arrests skills of the SPUs.

Lt. Col. Sean Berg, detailed in his remarks, the unique qualities of the partering between the Romanian and U.S. Special Forces.

“You (Romanian SOF) have performed in a phenomenal manner during this rotation, especially when it comes to planning and resourcing operations from the bottom-up,” Berg explained.

“I was privileged to see the first two Romanian units begin their efforts here four and a half years ago and I consider it a unique honor to stand before you now

Following his remarks, Berg presented NATO campaign medals to all of the Romanian SOF members. Additionally, Romanian certificates of achievement were presented to their U.S. counterparts, as well as a plaque to commemorate the rotation.

The Romanian and U.S. SOF partnership is working to effectively build sustainable, transferrable tactics and procedures for the Afghan SPUs.


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