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Afghan Commandos Support USSF During Jalrez Attack

WARDAK PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan commandos from 3rd Company, 6th Special Operations Kandak (SOK) conducted a unilateral mission to support U.S. Special Forces (USSF) during a quick reaction force operation to Jalrez district, March 11.

U.S. Special Forces were responding to an incident in which an individual wearing an Afghan National Police uniform opened fire on a group of Afghan and U.S. Forces.

Due to time constraints and limited air assets, USSF were unable to take their partner force commandos.

The 6th SOK refused to allow USSF to engage insurgents without them and requested, through their chain of command, permission to conduct a tactical ground movement in support of their mentors.

“I’d like to thank the commandos for their leadership and support. They have been our committed partners for many years now,” said Army Lt. Col. Christopher J. Fox, Commander of Special Operations Task Force-East. “It’s encouraging to see our commando brothers-in-arms coming to support us during our time of need.”

Brigadier Karmi, Commander of Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC), granted permission for the 6th SOK to join their mentors as he was aware of the timeliness and sensitivity of the request.

“We go out, knowing that some of us might die. Knowing there may be sacrifice,” said Brig. Gen. Karmi, Commander of Afghan National Army Special Operations Command. “We work with coalition forces and it is important that we continue to work together.”

Everyday, thousands of coalition Special Forces live and work successfully alongside their Afghan Special Operations partners without incident. They share the same mission and objectives: to battle the insurgency and build lasting peace and stability for the people of Afghanistan. The 6th SOK and ANASOC demonstrated their commitment to these goals and their coalition partners.


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