Special Response Team Prepares for SWAT Competition

FORT BRAGG, NC – In preparation for the North Carolina State Special Weapons and Tactics Competition, members of the Fort Bragg Special Reaction Team conducted shooting drills at range 75 on March 5.

The team, comprising of both enlisted and civilian members, is looking for a repeat of last year’s top place finish at the North Carolina state competition.

“We have such a wide span of experience on the team,” said Sgt. Kyle T. Jensen, a New Jersey native and a senior military member of the team. “Between civilian SWAT, military SRT and even special operations experience, the guys have a lot of knowledge to bring to the table.”

All the team’s attributes and experience will be tested during the rigorous three-day competition involving various scenarios and events held at the N.C. Department of Justice Academy in Salemburg scheduled for March 25-28.

“The events are designed to test the team’s physical abilities, endurance, marksmanship skills on handgun and long rifles, as well as completing scenarios based on operations encountered by SWAT teams,” said Department of the Army police Lt. Blair ‘Rock’ Rockwell, the team’s commander. “The events also test teamwork, thinking on the move and the team’s operational capabilities.”

The SRT’s operational mission is to provide a full service law enforcement tactical team of highly trained, well equipped operators capable of decisively resolving high risk incidents with discipline and precision.

Discipline and precision through effective training is key to the team’s success.

“Here they teach us so much more than basic shooting techniques,” said Spc. Kevin D. Rogers, a New York native and the most junior member of the team. “We use shooting apertures, plywood boards with cutouts that forces the shooter into different positions, so we get used to shooting in uncomfortable positions and are able to take a shot and make it count.”

In the world of SRT, every shot counts. Whether for competition, training or on the job taking care of high-risk incidents, these highly trained law enforcement officials strive for excellence.

“The team continues to strive to be the best in operational tactics, skills, and capabilities,” said Rockwell. “The Fort Bragg community should be proud knowing there is a specialized unit of men held to a high standard to handle high risk incidents and is well recognized by the top SWAT teams around the state.”

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