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Afghan Soldier Supports Special Forces Sergeant Major Commando

KABUL, Afghanistan – Mohammad Zamir Faizi, stationed at the Afghan Special Forces Command, joined the Afghan National Security Forces because he felt a sense of duty to defend his land. Faizi had an interest in being part of Afghanistan’s elite Special Forces team, since some of his family members and friends died defending this country.

His story is not unusual. Many Afghan soldiers joined the ANSF because of personal losses. “I will be proud when we take over the security here and continue to drive away the insurgents,” Faizi said.

“The fact that we are defending our country and our nation, that by itself is something to be proud of,” Faizi said. Faizi recalled how in Kajaki district of Helmand province, he participated in a tactical operation, where they killed and wounded terrorists.

“We also destroyed a suicide [bomber] training room and detained six of the insurgents during that battle and we have learned how to fight and how to defend ourselves. It is a tactical fight, as we in the ANSF are working hard day and night and we are getting stronger. Afghan Special Forces will not stop at anything to defend their country,” Faizi said.

Faizi sees his duty as being divine and says they are performing their duty. According to Faizi that offers encouragement for the new-comers, who are joining today’s Afghan army and police forces.

“The situation of Afghanistan has gotten better and is more secure.” Faizi said.


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