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ANA Intel Officer Forecasts Afghanistan’s Future

KABUL, Afghanistan – For millennia, militaries have figuratively and literally tried looking into the crystal ball. Modern day predictions aren’t based on chicken bones and tarot cards, but rather solid military intelligence; the kind Afghan National Army Maj. Abdul Wali Rahmadi hopes to collect.

“This is my country and it’s my responsibility to serve it,” Rahmadi said.

Rahmadi serves as an intelligence officer with the ANA 2nd Battalion, 207th Corps in Herat Province, where he and fellow soldiers use information collected from the past and present to make predictions as to what the enemies of Afghanistan will do in the future.

“My job is to make sure the enemy can’t penetrate the unit and kill someone,” Rahmadi said. “I make sure we don’t face that problem.”

The Shindand-based 207th Corps is a special operations group whose efforts range from disrupting insurgent groups to providing medical support assistance for service members and civilians in western Afghanistan.

Afghan army intelligence capabilities are continually improving, and have been assessed as sufficient by ISAF in many of the mission sets. Corps-level groups like Rahmadi’s conduct human, signals and counter-intelligence, and excel at tactical-level skills like using forward observers to track and report enemy movements by cell phone. As intelligence and training mentorship continue, the corps will develop a more pronounced ability to predict enemy attacks before they happen.

So what does this modern day clairvoyant think about the future?

“I am optimistic,” Rahmadi said. “God willing, we will be able to keep our country secure and there will be peace.”


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