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ANASF, ALP Reduce Weapons, Explosive Caches

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army special forces and Afghan Local Police searched two villages for weapons caches during a clearing operation, Dec. 16 in Ab Band district.

Afghan National Security Forces cleared the villages of Mohammad Ghaws and Nazak because recent information gathered indicated that Taliban fighters frequented the area.

“The main reason for the mission was to show the enemy, and the people of Afghanistan, that our forces are able and ready to combat the Taliban,” said Capt. Atiq Urrahman, an ANASF commander.

The security forces discovered many improvised explosive devices and weapons caches during the operation. They found several pounds of homemade explosives, hand grenades, about 200 rounds of AK-47 assault rifle ammunition and medical supplies.

“I spoke with a villager who told me the Taliban went up into the mountains last night, but we know this village is home to Taliban members because of the items we found here today,” said an Afghan special forces soldier during the operation.

ANSF destroyed parts of the caches and confiscated others.

The special forces commander said he was pleased with the efforts of both his soldiers and the local police. As the ANASF and ALP continue to work together, the coordination and results of future missions will improve.

“My team sergeant was in charge of a group of [ALP] and told me they were professional and courteous to the people they met,” said Urrahman. “This operation, and the sight of ALP and ANASF working together, gave the Afghan people courage to stand up to the Taliban.”


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