SOF Demonstrate Vessel Search, Seizure

AQABA, Jordan (SGT Parrish) – Countries from around the world came together to participate in the 4th annual Exercise Eager Lion 2014 at the Royal Jordanian Naval Base for a level four visit, board, search and seizure.

VBSS is the practice of boarding suspicious or unknown vessels to gather evidence, intelligence and possibly detain criminals. This mission plays a vital strategic role in combating piracy in the world’s waterways. The Navy SEALs along with Jordanian, French, Pakistan, Brunei and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia trained together for the past two weeks to prepare for their part in Eager Lion 14.

Brig. Gen. Adnan Al Abbadi, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force commander, along with many distinguished visitors gathered to observe the demonstration. Adnan Al Abbadi said that this training along with Eager Lion is vital in bringing partnered nations together.

“Every military has different concepts for their forces,” said Al Abbadi. “They all have great experiences and participating in Eager Lion allows everyone to have an understanding on how we all work in this type of situation.

The exercise displayed the Joint Special Operations capabilities between multinational forces and also allowed them to increase interoperability between allied countries.

“Our enemy is the same,” said Al Abbadi. “We are all facing the same challenges when it comes to terrorism. The bad guys all have the same objectives. Building these relationships shows the enemy that we are all working together as one to face them.”

Eager Lion continues to grow each year and this year was the largest yet.

“When Eager Lion began in 2011 we had 14 countries participating,” said Al Abbadi. “This year we have more than 23 countries taking part in the exercise. The main objective of Eager Lion 14 is to unify our forces and close the gap between nations so that we can understand our military cultures. Standing together is a great message for the bad guys. We are all working against terrorism in order to keep all of our nations secure.”

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