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Army Special Operations Seeking YG12 Officers

FORT BRAGG, NC – Special Forces, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations are recruiting active duty officers from the year group 2012 to apply for the Army Special Operation Forces (ARSOF).

ARSOF is looking for officers, men and women, who want to advance their careers through relevant operational experiences, working with specialized teams of professionals and have a strategic impact.

ARSOF is recruiting both men and women from all branches of the regular Army. Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations are open to both men and women while Special Forces is open to males only.

Officers interested in ARSOF need to complete and submit an application packet to the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion (Airborne) by March 20, 2015. If selected, officers must successfully complete a regimental assessment and selection process prior to attending the Regimental Qualification Course.

For more information, go to www.sorbrecruiting.com and click on MILPER Message 14-220.


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