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USASOC, Nation Honors the Families of Fallen Soldiers

FORT BRAGG, NC (SGT Kyle Fisch)- The U.S. began observing Gold Star Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of September in 1936 with a declaration made by the 74th U.S. Congress.

“Whereas the American mother is doing so much for the home and for the moral and spiritual uplift of the people of the United States and hence so much for good government and humanity; and whereas the American Gold Star Mothers suffered the supreme sacrifice of motherhood in the loss of their sons and daughters in World Wars,” Public Resolution 123, (40 Stat. 1895).

The Gold Star Lapel Button was established in August, 1947. This emblem showed members of the community the price the family paid for the cherished freedoms we all enjoy today.

Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day is the last Sunday of September, a day when the Army and the nation recognize that no one has given more for the nation than the families of a loved one who dies in service to the nation.

After years of planning, on June 4, 1928, 25 mothers met in Washington, DC to establish the national organization, American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

According to American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., during World War I, Americans often displayed flags in homes, businesses, schools and churches bearing a blue star for each military service member. Families would switch a blue star to gold for sons and daughters lost during service in the war.

The success of the Gold Star Mothers organization is measured by the bond of love, sympathy, and support of the many loyal, and patriotic mothers who, while sharing their grief and their pride, have channeled their time and efforts to lessening the pain of others.

These mothers, wives, and family members are often viewed as an inspiration to many.


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