• They Don't Focus on Things That Are Out of Their Control

    Mike Tyson once said that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Through years of repetitive training and operations, SOF have come to expect that nothing will always go as planned. Regardless, they adapt and overcome and plan for contingencies.

  • They Don't Feel Sorry For Themselves

    Despite Hollywood's glamorous portrayal of SOF, special operators live rough lives. Whether they're deployed without notice or sent to an austere environment, SOF drives on to complete the mission at hand. The word "special" in SOF is not just indicative of a well-trained soldier sporting state-of-the-art gear; it comes down to the individual mindset. That is what makes them special.

  • They Aren't Quitters

    SOF selection is designed to weed out those who might put the mission or fellow warriors at risk. It becomes deeply ingrained into each SOF member that quitting is never a viable option.

  • They Aren't Afraid to Take Calculated Risks

    SOF are exposed to risks in their daily lives, whether they are jumping out of a perfectly good airplane or firing a highly explosive projectile from their shoulder. They train how they fight and understand that calculated risks are a part of the SOF lifestyle.

  • They Train Constantly and Aim For Perfection

    Training just to train isn't enough. SOF train for perfection. They realize that they're not just training to keep themselves alive, but also the lives of their team mates. Each cog of the special operations war machine needs to function at the highest level.

  • They Would Do Whatever it Takes To Save Their Comrades

    SOF would risk their own lives to save the warrior fighting beside them.

  • They Are Willing to Die For Their Country

    People join the military for a multitude of reasons. Whether they are joining for college money or advanced training, SOF understand the hazards associated with their profession and are willing to pay the ultimate price for their country.

Seven Traits of the SOF Warrior

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