Emerald Warrior 2017 Exercise Begins

HURLBURT FIELD, FL – Several hundred U.S. and partner-nation military members kicked off the 10th iteration of Emerald Warrior here Feb. 27.

Emerald Warrior is an annual Department of Defense exercise that focuses on irregular warfare and hones special operations forces air and ground combat skills. The two-week exercise will run until March 10, and it will allow participants to execute advanced tactical scenarios and strengthen joint warfighting relationships for future deployments.

The exercise leverages lessons learned from past and current overseas contingency operations to provide trained and ready forces to combatant commanders. The focus of this exercise is air-centric special operations capabilities. Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel use this exercise to perfect the skills they use downrange.

This year, Emerald Warrior scenarios include item and personnel recovery, infiltration and exfiltration operations, direct assaults, military freefall, live-fire events, and Forward Area Refueling Points (FARP).

Training events for Emerald Warrior will take place primarily in the Southeast U.S. at Hurlburt Field, Eglin Air Force Base, Avon Park and other areas in Northwest Florida; Camp Shelby in Mississippi; Melrose Range in New Mexico; Fort Knox in Kentucky.

All training occurs at designated sites with the permission of property owners and local authorities.

Residents may see an increase in military activity in their area to include a higher than usual number of military vehicles and aircraft noise during the nighttime hours. Residents may also hear simulated munitions fire.

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