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Afghan Female Tactical Platoon Showcases Skills

KABUL, Afghanistan – Female tactical platoon members participated in a capability exercise near Kabul, Afghanistan in July. The Female Tactical Platoon supports Afghan Special Security Forces during counterterrorism operations, specializing in the search, questioning and medical assistance of women and children.

“When I was little, I loved the Army and I wanted to join,” said a veteran female tactical platoon member. “I want to help. I wanted to serve my country, and my people. I can do that through the FTP, and I can serve the females of Afghanistan also.”

The female tactical platoon operates in tandem with their male counterparts, assuming the same risks and dangers.

“Our purpose is to help our country, to support our family and our community of Afghanistan. People should have an open mind,” said a young Female Tactical Platoon member. “Women can leave their family for work. We are equal and we have a right to serve our country.”

Afghan female tactical platoon members are required to complete a physical assessment twice
a year to assess the women’s physical conditioning. The assessment includes a 3-mile run and a series of obstacles/events, including a 50-yard bear crawl.



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