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Afghanistan Commandos Graduate

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghanistan added 735 new Commandos to its fighting force during a graduation ceremony at the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC) School of Excellence near Kabul, Afghanistan, Oct. 16, 2018. The newest class of Commandos will join other Afghan National Defense and Security Forces already deployed nationwide for upcoming parliamentary elections.

To earn the distinctive red beret of the Afghan Commando, Afghan National Army recruits undergo a 14-week Qualification Course that assesses and trains them for assignment in one of ten Special Operations Kandaks (Battalions). After initial physical tests, soldiers advance to individual skills training, followed by collective training at the team, squad, and platoon level.

“I’m honored to be in your presence today. Commandos have performed well in battle against the Taliban and other enemies of Afghanistan in places like Ghazni, Faryab, Helmand and Nangahar,” said Afghanistan’s Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Tariq Shah Bahrami during the ceremony. “After today, you will join your brothers in the fight throughout Afghanistan, safeguarding Afghans and securing the country during upcoming elections.”

Afghanistan’s top Commando, Commanding General Lt. Gen. Bismillah Waziri, congratulated the troops on their induction into the ranks of the elite and reminded them why they volunteered for special operations.

“It is our job to safeguard Afghanistan against all enemies. You are the true sons and defenders of our great country,” said Waziri.



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