7th SFG(A) Trains for Real-world Events

FORT BLISS, TX — Members of 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) are currently participating in a multi-week Warfighter training simulation exercise here.

Warfighter 19-02, which is a computer-simulated war game, is scenario based and integrates troops from Fort Bragg, N.C., Fort Stewart, Ga., Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., Fort Hood, TX., and Fort Bliss, TX. The units work together against a simulated adversary who demonstrated aggression toward the U.S., or one of its allies. 7th SFG(A)’s participation in the exercise promotes conventional and special operations integration and interoperability, which is critical to success on the battlefield.

“This is an incredible opportunity to exercise and learn in a near-peer threat environment,” said Col. Michael Ripley the 7th SFG(A) Deputy Commander. “The exercise provides something for everyone to learn, from the lowest ranking Soldier in the formation, all the way up to the Combined Joint Task Force-Seven Commander. This is a fantastic exercise.”

The commander’s priorities for this exercise are to shape a corps sized formation, while expanding operations to support strategic maneuvers, while integrating the joint community.

The exercise provides realistic training for each command to practice their own mission essential tasks in order to become proficient while working together as one cohesive unit in the event of a real-world operation.

The Warfighter event will train more than 1000 Soldiers from across the U.S. Army and joint force.

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