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SAS Operator Storms Hotel Complex

NAIROBI, Kenya — Following Tuesday’s terrorist assault against Nairobi’s Dusit Thani hotel complex, an unlikely hero was observed kitting up and leading the charge against the al-Shabaab terrorists inside.

According to local sources, a balaclava-clad commando in jeans was observed entering the complex alone, firing off rounds from his C8 carbine, and leading survivors to safety.

The man was identified as an off-duty member of Britain’s elite Special Air Service (SAS), who was in country training the Kenyan security services.

The Kenyans requested immediate assistance. “[The commando] grabbed his gear without hesitation and snapped into action,” stated a Kenyan bystander.

Local news outlets indicated that 21 civilians, including a US citizen, were confirmed dead and more than 700 people were evacuated to safety during the attack.

All of the al-Shabaab militants were reportedly killed.


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