SOF Mentor Program

One of ShadowSpear's greatest successes has been assisting our members in their transformation to an SOF warrior. To facilitate this, we established the ShadowSpear Mentor Program. There is no cost or requirement to participate other than to have a serious and respectful attitude.

To Browse a list of Mentor Groups ShadowSpear Mentor Program.

If you choose not to join a group, you may read and ask questions here.

We allow multiple mentor groups on the same topic to be created. This means that there can be more than one MARSOC group, for example; however, this is dependent on the availability or desire or a mentor stand one up. If you feel that you aren't getting what you need from your current mentor group, click the "contact us" link" to request a new mentor group be created. We will then create a community run group while we solicit our SOF members to assume control. Your name/request will remain anonymous. Feel free to shop around, but adhere to the mentor's policies or you might end up out of the group for good.