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Milestones Awarded to lancero

  1. 9


    You've been a member for at least a month, have posted at least 30 messages, and have had content liked at least 30 times!
  2. 8

    Well Liked

    Your messages have been liked 25 times. You will fit in well on this site.
  3. 20

    Annual Review

    You have been a member of the site for an entire year!
  4. 12

    Official Member

    100 posts! You are no longer considered a "new member."
  5. 10


    75 messages posted. I hope this took you longer than a day!
  6. 5

    Your Posts Have Value

    Somebody out there thought your posts had value. Keep posting like that for more!
  7. 1


    Hopefully you just introduced yourself on the board! If so, we hope you stick around! If not, you're probably about to be banned unless you get on that!