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    Eric from Montana

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    Thatoneguy72 Intro

    Welcome, and Semper.
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    Hagenjohn75 Intro

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    Introducing Roketsciontist

    Welcome to SS, Semper.
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    Horsemen Training Program

    Could you possibly send it to me?
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    Oh definitely. It's nice having a good base in CQB. The unit I'm in right now gets a few schools that most don't (SERE, DM) and I'm looking forward to grabbing spots for those.
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    Hey there guys. Currently serving in the Marine Corps as an 0311. Stuck doing Security Forces right now, which while preventing me from deploying, gives me time to train aspects that I need help with. I'm aspiring to move on to MARSOC in the next year or so. OPSEC prevents me from giving details...