1. Aingeal Dorcha

    Need Help(Planning To Go To Marine Recon)

    Hello throughout my life I knew I was going to join the military and didn't know what I wanted to join/do. Being the fact my father was Army I always thought I wanted to join Army and do something infantry oriented/anything involving combat I didn't want any rear echelon mos. About a year ago I...
  2. D

    .Recon question..

    Hi all, I've looked for this and was unable to find anything. Now this isn't my biggest concern, obviously training, making through BRC and/or A&S and being the best Marine possible is the goal but I have a sort of miscellaneous question... I am former support/pog/etc mos (radio repair)...
  3. FASTPerk

    Security Forces to Recon

    Is it possible right after a USMC Security Forces contract has been fulfilled to go straight to Basic Reconnisance Course if requested or will I have to finish out my initial contract “ obligations “ then re-enlist with a Recon package? Pretty sure the first option is a pipe dream but figured...
  4. SwimRunLift

    Is it possible to prepare for bottom samples?

    Hello, I have a Recon contract and I am shipping out in June. I understand that at BRC there are alot of bottom samples. I do not live near any deep pools (the deepest one being only 7ft). Are bottom samples something one has to prepare for? Or will i be fine as long as I am in good shape and...
  5. FacFortia

    Gear Recommendations for BRC

    Afternoon gents, Any Recondos have recommendations or tips and tricks of the trade regarding gear, setup and maintenance (rucks, boots, fins, warming layers, hydration, etc) that would help a young buck Roper going through the Course, as well as moving forward in my career? Anything that...
  6. FacFortia

    To Prep or Not to Prep... That is the Question.

    Good morning gentlemen, I've been preparing for boot and BRC since I received approval from my SNCOIC to contract Recon a few months ago. Last night I was looking through a thread where SOF members were telling their stories of how they became badasses in their respective branch, and after...