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    Option 40 during DEP enlistment

    Hello, I am currently a student planning on enlisting into a Delayed Entry enlistment with 11x. I have asked for option 40 to be added onto the enlistment of the 11x however the recruiter has said that there is a possible way to amend the contract if signed 11x without option 40, adding it later...
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    11b National Guard to 11b Army Option 40

    Hi all, I’m a new member here and I have a brief question. I’ve been talking with a National Guard recruiter a little bit, and I want to become a Ranger. Since I want to go to college too (for employment afterwards in my field of interest (computers), I am considering enlisting in the...
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    Smoked Weed Once

    Alright, so I'm *OF A CERTAIN AGE* and I plan on obtaining an Option 40 contract as soon as I graduate, hopefully this December. However, in March of this year, I was at a party and this dude broke out a blunt. I had never smoked before and these girls (not blaming my mistake on them btw) were...
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    QNE (Qualified but not Enlisted) holding out for an 11x Option 40

    Hello everyone, I've been using the search engine to help answer my questions, but I need your guidance. Last week I went down to MEPS and qualified for everything to attain an 11x Option 40 contract. After I took the ASVAB my recruiter told me there were no Option 40s available across the...
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    Working for option 40 in contract

    Ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to be a ranger. I've lived my life working towards the physical and mental capacity of a ranger. When I went to go talk to my recruiters they told me I couldn't get 11x option 40 in my contract because of my misdemeanors (2) that I unfortunately obtained...
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    2016 - 11X Option 40 Availability

    Greetings everyone, I had a little info on my intro but decided to make a new thread on this topic. There are other topics but locked. Anyway I finally got my paperwork, waited a few years to go back to the recruiting office. My recruiter tells me that there are no 11X Option 40s available at...