1. Robertebrenn


    Good morning, I'm a recent college grad and I am 23 years old. I think university was a great waste of time and money. It was not worth the price for what they are offering (I majored in economics). I have always wanted to join the military and upon graduation and working in the investment...
  2. A

    USMC Recon to SF

    Hello all I am currently a Recon Marine and have been in for a little less than 2 years. I am currently trying to figure out the rest of my career and am looking into SF and Marsoc. While I plan on contacting an SF recruiter a friend recommended this site so I thought I would look for insight on...
  3. C

    Is Recon Possible with the QH Contract?

    Hello everyone, I’m shipping to bootcamp on the 24th of June, next week... I was just told recently from a reddit user that I would not be able to volunteer for recon after SOI, with the QH, 6 year contract. I have no problem with doing 6 years in the Corps and it was my only choice other than...
  4. B

    Recon Prep while in ITB?

    Hello all, I am currently 3 days into Infantry Training Battalion at Camp Pendleton. I volunteered for the Recon screening to see what it was about and passed (struggled a bit with the swimming.) Those who passed haven’t committed yet, but some quick questions for anyone with Recon knowledge...
  5. Aingeal Dorcha

    .Question I haven't seen answered about Marsoc

    Hi all in 9 days I'm going to be meeting with a marine recruiter and starting the enlistment process. My question is I know in the Marine Corps your job is up to the needs of the Corps. If I want more challenge/adventure I may think of attempting indoc for marsoc/recon. This being said can your...
  6. E

    .Recon Rope Length/Type/Thickness

    I've tried searching the forums, internet, and YouTube - but I can't find the exact kind of rope I need to buy to practice knot tying for the BRC/BRPC. Does anyone remember? I would like to know the length, type, and thickness. An Amazon link or link to a store would be greatly appreciated.
  7. C

    Best path to becoming a Recon Marine

    Should I take the recon contract or another route to recon? I have heard of a UZ contract and a HZ contract, what’s the difference? (My recruiter doesn’t have a clue what a UZ is) Does size matter? (I’m 5’7”, 130 lbs) What’s a good PFT? (I got 72 push-ups, 84 crunches in 2 min, 19 pull-ups...
  8. C

    Modification to MARSOC App for Primer Course Preparation

    I posted this in the Mentor section for MARSOC and RECON but know it would be appropriate here too. Greetings all, I'm currently training for a lat move to the 0321 community in the summer of 2020 and I've cobbled together a modification to the MARSOC program they give to Selection candidates...
  9. Aingeal Dorcha

    Need Help(Planning To Go To Marine Recon)

    Hello throughout my life I knew I was going to join the military and didn't know what I wanted to join/do. Being the fact my father was Army I always thought I wanted to join Army and do something infantry oriented/anything involving combat I didn't want any rear echelon mos. About a year ago I...
  10. S


    Hello everyone, I have been on the site since I joined the Marines in 2016 and decided to make an account today, I am currently a Corporal and am looking to either go recon or try my luck at MARSOC A&S, 296 pft 294 cft, tier 1 Marine, black belt, went to the hitt championship this year, and...
  11. E

    Greetings All

    I'm an ex-Air Force US government contractor currently working overseas and I'm trying to become a reservist recon marine with 4th Force Recon. I had a serious self talk with myself about re-joining the military and thought to myself that I only have "one life to live" and growing up in San...
  12. Art Vandelay

    .RECON questions i have not seen answered and a personal question

    After debating between which SOF i wanted to get a contract for i finally settled on RECON. I have been contemplating this decision for a while and finally decided there's no time like the present to go for it. I ship out in December with a decent chance that my ship date is moved to October...
  13. D

    .Recon question..

    Hi all, I've looked for this and was unable to find anything. Now this isn't my biggest concern, obviously training, making through BRC and/or A&S and being the best Marine possible is the goal but I have a sort of miscellaneous question... I am former support/pog/etc mos (radio repair)...
  14. Njonti

    .SARC pipeline and recycling

    Hello all, As I've been been perusing various information sources on the Navy SARC pipeline, I ran into possibly eye opening comments on becoming a SARC. Multiple comments stated that they were either Corpsman or in the Marine Corps and knew of SARC hopefuls that said you cannot recycle any...
  15. FASTPerk

    Security Forces to Recon

    Is it possible right after a USMC Security Forces contract has been fulfilled to go straight to Basic Reconnisance Course if requested or will I have to finish out my initial contract “ obligations “ then re-enlist with a Recon package? Pretty sure the first option is a pipe dream but figured...
  16. SwimRunLift

    Is it possible to prepare for bottom samples?

    Hello, I have a Recon contract and I am shipping out in June. I understand that at BRC there are alot of bottom samples. I do not live near any deep pools (the deepest one being only 7ft). Are bottom samples something one has to prepare for? Or will i be fine as long as I am in good shape and...
  17. FacFortia

    Gear Recommendations for BRC

    Afternoon gents, Any Recondos have recommendations or tips and tricks of the trade regarding gear, setup and maintenance (rucks, boots, fins, warming layers, hydration, etc) that would help a young buck Roper going through the Course, as well as moving forward in my career? Anything that...
  18. K

    .4th Force Recon Questions - Non-prior Service

    Good evening all, I am currently a civilian living in New Jersey but I am making the move to Hawaii in two weeks. I am very interested in joining the 4th Force Recon Company in Hawaii, and have been training for this for about a year now. I have a few specific questions that I haven't been able...
  19. Roboscout 302

    For SOF candidates: What is your weekly training schedule look like?

    Good Morning guys, I currently have a SEAL challenge contract, scheduled to ship in December & I am wondering what do you SOF candidates do in your weekly routine. Currently this is what my schedule looks like: 1 long interval(fartlek) run & swim / short interval run & swim/ 1 long slow...
  20. O

    How to get your paramedic license in the navy?

    I just DEP'd in for the navy as a HM... on the Navy COOL website it says its possible to get you National Registerd Paramedic license, is this true. (Im in EMT school right now i'll have my certificate in May)