18x hopeful with questions on NG vs AD


Nov 4, 2017
So I am coming up on my final year in the Navy, and will be starting my process to switch over to the Army come the end of my enlistment. I am going for SF, bit am unsure on whether or not I should do AD or NG. Reason being is my ultimate goal is to finish my military career in the NG, while working for the FBI (Hopefully the Hostage Rescue Tram). A friend had suggested I go AD to get the full ODA experience, and because AD gets treated better. I'm assuming he meant on missions and such. I am 29 with a wife and two kids now, so am not sure if waiting to complete my 5 years AD would be the best choice. Just looking for some more input.

Next to that, I would love to have a mentor to guide me to success in SFAS, and ultimately the Q course. I am in San Diego, currently working out consistently, and finally improving my running, but can definitely use some more work.

Thanks in advance!