2017 Ranger Hall of Fame Inductees

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    Congratulations to the following individuals for their selection into the 2017 Ranger Hall of Fame.

    SGM Ret. Tyrone J. Adderly
    CSM Ret. Frank Ashe
    1SG Ret. Herbert Baugh
    1SG Ret. Ronald Grenier
    MSG Ret. Gilbert Howland
    SSG Ronnie Imel
    CSM Ret. Richard Lamb
    MAJ Ret. Larry Moores
    BG Ret. Craig Nixon
    LT Tommy Norris (USN) (MOH)
    MSG Ret. Leroy Petry (MOH)
    1SG Ret. Mike Ramsey
    SGM Ret. John Roy
    CH Ret. Jeff Struecker
    CSM Ret. Charles Thompson
    LTG Ret. John Vines
    CSM Ret. Matthew Walker

    The Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade will host the induction ceremony June 28, 2017 at 1 p.m., Marshall Auditorium, Bldg. 4, Fort Benning, Georgia.

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