A request to members who post memes and pics


Sep 12, 2012
To all -

I'm not 'speaking for' any other staff member, but here goes.

The memes and pics that get posted here are usually some of the best on the interwebs, but sometimes members are in such a hurry to 'post' they do not take a moment to review what their actual post looks like.

On average I resize or crop about 6 memes or pics every day. Usually I never say anything, but I've noticed 2 recent trends that I spend way too much time on, and you can actually help with.

1) Oversized pics. This typically happens when you post a pic or screenshot from your phone, it looks find there, but on a computer? It's HUGE. Please, if your phone offers the option, don't post 'actual size' or 'large'.

2) Uncropped memes. You know the ones, with a large black rectangle above and below. Please, take a minute and crop those out of there....otherwise they are really distracting.

A pro-tip:
To the right of the "post thread" button is a button called "Preview". Click that first and you can have a pretty good idea how your post will appear to other users.

Yes, I know the staff and I don't "have to" do stuff like this, but cleaning up these posts help the thread's flow better.

Thank you for your time!