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Advanced training for TACP airmen.

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Andreas S

Apr 9, 2018
Hi all,

I was recently watching one of Gorilla survivals videos where he and another former TACP where holding a Q&A. Long story short, in one part of the video they were talking about TACP airmen's opportunity to attend Advanced training schools ( Airborne, Air assault, Ranger etc.) From what I understood they said that Airmen in the guard are more likely to attend such schools due to funding and other factors that play a role in slot availability. Does anyone know if this is indeed how things go? I have done some research on the topic but havent came up with a concret answer. To me that seems kind of peculiar, one would think that Active duty units would have a wider budget and would be more prone to send airmen to advanced schools then guard units due to their operational status. But hey, what do I know? Im curently typing this in a High school art class. Send help.
Not open for further replies.