Airborne Qualification Requirements


May 21, 2017
Hello everyone,

I began my enlistment process in the US Army back in June. I had my hopes set on being 11X in the 75th Ranger Regiment, ended up with a 13F Option 40 after reading about Fisters. Well all that fell through at MEPS when I was told that was completely colorblind other than red/green and that my vision didn't correct to 20/20 in one eye so no longer Airborne qualified. (Pretty sure MEPS screwed me actually and my recruiter said it wouldn't be the first time. I went to a civilian doctor when I got back and had a consultation that said I was 20/20 in my left eye with glasses, MEPS refused and said it had to be a MEPS doctor.)

So I tried to go 11X but I was told that I was disqualified from that too due to vision. My eyesight is 20/40 20/70 uncorrected, 20/25 20/25 corrected.

So I signed 68W instead. I'm really happy with 68W and have no problem with the MOS at all, actually pretty pumped about it. Recently the 160th SOAR caught my attention when I started looking into cool places that medics could go.

So my question is, this. If I'm not Airborne qualified is it possible for me to be in 160th SOAR? I realize they are an airborne unit but I can't find any 100% yes or no answer on internet about whether or not legs can join. The question might be so dumb that it's not being addressed, I'm okay with being the dumb one who asked as long as I get an answer.

I've looked it up all over the Internet and I can't find anything saying that you have to have Airborne qualification. I also checked the new goarmysof website and it did not list Airborne as a requirement to join.

If anyone could help me out I would really greatly appreciate it.