Anti-bacterial drinking straw things


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Dec 15, 2006
New Zealand
$35 bucks for 1000L, and it does filter out viruses and parasites also. Lifestraw is not a bad option for individual use. They make a family version also that's good for 15000- 18000L.

Thanks Doc! That's really good to know. I figure a couple of these in the kit+some iodine boxes should cover things. I think Dad's got a 500l plastic water tank somewhere he's not using either so I might have to...seize it in the name of the Crown. :sneaky:

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Sep 6, 2008
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I have a MSR MIOX in my kit, and a MSR Miniworks EX in the wife's. MIOX makes superbleach but requires batteries, Miniworks interfaces directly with our MSR Dromedary bags (we use those in lieu of camelbak bladders) so it's a good fit all around.

Our dromedary bags are 6L each, 1 for me 1 for the wife. Concept for such a large source was easier to have more space if we NEEDED more water for whatever, than to be stuck having to repeatedly visit a water source... and they still work even when not full, so it's a good deal for our kit plan.


Sep 12, 2012
I use one from REI quite often in the Boundary amazing well and sure beats carrying water in!


Nov 6, 2014
I've used a few different ones while backpacking. This newer one by Sawyer is probably my favorite:
Its TINY - only weight a few ounces, filter quality is very high (it gets out very small bacteria), and pretty easy to clean .It isn't the super fast at filtering but it isn't super slow either if you use the "roll" technique.

I've also used the Miniworks by MSR. Its okay... just compared to the Sawyer its much heavier, bulkier, and the filter clogs fairly frequently. When it clogs the filtration rate plummets and you have to take it apart and scrub it down, then put it back together. Also gets rid of small bacteria but the new technology Sawyer uses is a bit better. It has a carbon core and a ceramic filter. The carbon core helps to remove bad tastes in the water.

Katadyn. Clean and reliable. Not as bulky as the MSR, filters the fastest.

I've not used this one personally but a backpacking buddy has one. Its the platypus with two bags. Hands down the easiest. Set and forget. Fill up the bag marked "Dirty" and then let gravity push the water through to the "Clean" labeled bag.

For some reason I don't trust the ones that use UV rays. Just don't...