Arc'teryx Beta SL hybrid


Verified Military
Nov 3, 2015
Durham, NC
To get this out of the way, I'm not a gear queer. I like good stuff because I appreciate quality and things that are built well, but I'm usually not a 'brand' person. I wear jeans from Costco, shirts from Kohl's.

History: I turn 50 next week, and in an effort to get rid of a bunch of under-used jackets and consolidate, I decided to splurge on Arc'teryx.

I will be getting an Atom LS hoodie next week as a "formal", for-real bday present, but found an awesome deal on the Beta SL hybrid Gore-tex jacket last week.

While it's not rained yet, I have worn it as a light jacket/windbreaker, and it's so lightweight it's crazy. Also packable: roll it up and it's the size of a rolled-up t-shirt. I am wearing it over short sleeve shirts with temps around 48-55, and it has been excellent.

I will never buy another Arc'teryx jacket--only because I will never need to and because they are cost prohibitive. But based on a few days worth of wearing, I'm a fan.