.Battle of Shewan


Force Recon
Verified SOF
Mar 15, 2008
Tun Tavern
I can’t believe it’s been ten years since the Battle of Shewan. It’s been ten short years since a small group of infantrymen and Force Reconnaissance Marines waded through waves of fire to clear a town of the evil men that infested it. No one can agree on how many Taliban fighters flooded the battlefield. It is much harder to quibble over the dozens of twisted and broken men the enemy left behind as they fled. We put a lot of bad men to the sword that day but I’m not sure we had a lasting effect on the war. I do know, however, that the Taliban in the Farah Province never forgot the incredible price they paid for underestimating a platoon (reinforced) of United States Marines. It is a beautiful thing to terrify a group of evil men whose entire identity revolves around spreading fear and attacking the innocent.



SOF Medical
SOF Support
Dec 27, 2012
I was in Farah with SOST supporting MARSOC, I believe it was 2010. I really enjoyed my time with them, they were true badasses and they were one of the first units to fully embrace our presence and integrate us into mission planning.