Review Behind Japanese Lines: With the OSS in Burma by Richard Dunlop


Formerly Known as Freefalling
Sep 8, 2006
Not Afghanistan
This book is about the horribly unknown and underrated Detachment 101 sent to Burma by the OSS. The OSS being the forerunner of USSF and the CIA.

Det 101

The author was a member of the unit and as such could draw upon his memory and those who were there to write this book; membership has its privileges. It is well-written, not terribly dry, and filled with fascinating vignettes that tell of the unit's founding, operations, and end. It goes into great detail, and respect for, their relationship with the local people. The hazards of jungle warfare, brutality of the Japanese, the endless political battles, and hair-raising escapes are all covered. It also recounts their interaction with Merrill's Marauder's and how Det 101 supported the Marauder's campaign. Along the way we have cannibals, tigers, leeches, and a Navy doctor controlling ground operations as well as his Army counterparts.

A very good book covering a little known but vital portion of WWII.