Blue to Green IST


Nov 12, 2014
I am new to this site and have joined in order to inquire about the 160th. I am a Marine H-1 Pilot with my service obiligation coming to an end in about 18 months and looking for info on an Interservice transfer.

I have been searching the web for information on the topic although its been hard to come by. I have read the 160th site, FAQ, as well as any website I can find on the topic, although I am hesitant to call without more information on the subject. The sensitivity of the subject within my command, having to resign my commision, are all addtional driving factors for this.

Assuming I qualify, am accepted, etc, can the 160th take other service members directly? What does this process look like?

Thanks for the help and information.


160th Crew Chief
Verified SOF
Feb 6, 2014
Assuming you are accepted and have completed the transfer to the Army being either Commissioned or a Warrant, more than likely you would be assigned to a unit where from there you could submit a packet and come assess for the Regiment. I dont know how it would work out for you to assess before even going to another unit. Your best bet would be to contact the recruiters and ask them.

Welcome to SS and good luck.