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Compiled Fitness Programs

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Jul 10, 2017
Below are various fitness programs that I've collected. I've got them for AD guys, hopefuls etc. I'll also include youtube channels that I've used to hone my PF. Hopefully this will be useful to hopefuls etc. Thanks


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Sep 28, 2010
Roger, I requested for the staff to edit them. I fucked them up, my apologizes.
You are 16 years old. You are starting threads on a top shelf SOF site. You seem to have just plastered up what looked good, without looking into any of them. If this is really your "collection", you may have some holes in your fitness program. Way to go!

Have you looked at existing threads on this site?. Did you even stop to think that we might just have similar information?

Take a look at this every now and again to remind yourself, and others, to do your due diligence before posting. Use the search function before asking questions.

This thread stands as is.

It also stands as locked.
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